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I think I met my S.M.A.R.T goal because I  know that I gave the residents in the nursing home I visited, some joy, at least for an hour and a half.

I’m most proud of the fact I was truly passionate about my project, and I know it made me care a lot more, because I had true interest.

I wish I could go back and advertise more to have a bigger group. And I also with I could have gone to a different nursing home since the one i went to didn’t communicate well with me.

I learned through this project that I am more compassionate than I thought I was.Screen Shot 2019-01-03 at 2.17.24 PM.png



Overcoming obstacles, Facing the things that went wrong.

My first time volunteering at this nursing didn’t go as expected…….

So first struggle- The TB test was not available in my town. So I was stuck going by myself.

Second struggle- The volunteering coordinator at the nursing home hadn’t been returning my calls, and didn’t  know I was coming. So when I had got there I only could stay for about 45 mins to an hour, and I wasn’t able to see anyone that was on permanent bed rest, which was a main goal of mine.

I need to accomplish getting my thoughts, reflections, and things I could have done differently to make my experience better.


Have I made progress?

I have made some definite progress in my project in the last week.

               1. I have gotten my Tb test.

               2. I have found a good date for my volunteering: December 15th

               3. I have emailed everyone who signed up, and told them the date and that it is fast approaching.

               4. I am gathering everyones applications for Saturday

               5.  I am making sure everyone has their TB test done.



How can I plan my last passion project?!

This is my last passion project as an innovation student.

My driving question: How can I bring joy to the elderly in assisted living facilities?

        I have a few things I have to plan on doing before about half way through this 6 weeks.


                 This is critically important because there wasn’t very many people to sign up. i hope with advertising more people will consider the opportunity.   

  • Last thing I have to plan is the date of my event, and I have considered some days, i would like it to be the middle of December.

Reflecting on the gallery walk and my project

My gallery walk went better than I thought. I had a lot of people that were interested, and I think they may sign up with the google form.


I had a couple people tell me that I should have given more detailed information in my presentation, so next six weeks I will have a very detailed speech.


My biggest obstacle for the whole 2nd six weeks was that the sign up process, and all of the steps has been a lot more than expected. It has taken a lot longer than planned.

Screen Shot 2018-09-26 at 2.16.30 PM

If I could redo the six weeks I would have done A LOT more advertising to get people to sign up.

Update before 2nd six weeks ends

My driving question~ How can I bring joy to elderly in nursing facilities?

I had a small bump in the road, my original plan was to have the volunteer day this six weeks. The planning and coordination is taking a long time, and a little more tricky. For the last week, I need to prioritize my advertising.

I would rank myself at a 7 because my project hasn’t gone the way it was supposed to.

By far my biggest obstacle has been that not many people signed up for it, I need to advertise a lot more.

Using pictures to show evidence.

Using an info-graph to show statistics make it look more fun, and readers will usually want to look at it more than a body of text.


                      My info-graph has 4 statistics on it.

The first one talks about how the suicide rate in elderly has TRIPLED since the 1950’s.


Second: Eleven million of people aged 65 or older, live alone. 


Third: 84% of people living in a nursing facility said they felt lonely.


Last and Fourth: lonely people are 64% more likely to develop dementia.


At the end I put a little blurb: volunteer at your local nursing home, just a few minutes can make a huge difference in someones day.


Different cultures? How does that apply to me?

Elderly people are lonely in all parts of the world.


                         But how does it change from place to place?


  • Not all countries have social security, so elderly may have to work into old age to have enough money.


Also depending on if an elderly person has children. The responsibility in other countries is to take care of your parents. Jobs don’t consume everyones lives, so the have time. And a level of respect for aging parents would keep elderly with their family instead of in a rest home.



I think by thinking globally, keeping in mind that older people have more wisdom than us, having conversations with an elder can be different keeping that in mind. One thing I worried about with the volunteers was just that, I wanted to make sure that they know they are much more wise and smarter than us, and just because they are slower than doesn’t mean they can be treated like children.

Volunteer Coordination Progress

The next phase of my project… ill give you a to- do list.


  • copy several packets of the volunteer form
  • make sure the volunteers can get a TB test
  • write a letter for the NHS students for their next meeting


My driving question is the same because I have had a plan- How can I bring joy to the elderly in assisted living facilities.

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