My new passion


I have a new passion! 

      My driving question- how can I bring joy to the elderly in  assisted living facilities.


I plan to make a volunteer opportunity for the members of the national honor society.


Before I have volunteers go to the nursing homes, I’m going to take time to interview the people because I want make sure that they are respectful.

     I picked this for my next passion, because I have been to a nursing  home, and found that I loved spending time with the residents.

I also noticed that they seemed to be lonely, and so that brings usto what I’m passionate about fixing in the world.




My Final Innovation Project

The end of innovation is bitter sweet for me. I am going to miss my senior classmates so much.

I feel like I accomplished all my goals this semester, and im ready to for summer.


I cant wait to return for innovation 2 and 3


My biggest challenge this semster was procrastination.

What about my project? What am I doing?


With my project I have sort of a growing to-do list, that I need to start tackling



  • Email Adrianne

  • Get puppies from the humane society

  • Find out how to host a session in the lunch room

  • Talk to mr.cannon about having dogs on campus

  • Buy a ukelele

  • Learn to play the ukelele.

  • Do all in a timely manner



I want to make sure I can get everything done in time, because I have sessions that I wanna have, and doing them last minute isn’t really an option.


Final project


Driving question~ How can I get people away from their phones to enjoy hobbies and reduce stress?


S.M.A.R.T~ my smart goal for this project. I would like to have my session for stress relief by may 16th.  my deadline is the 23


On my list:

  • Find puppies
  • Have Mr. Cannon approve puppies on campus
  • Find out where to plant stuff

Gallery walk refelction

I notice that I speak better and I am less nervous when I have a partner…


      But, that being said.. I have also learned that I work better by myself and I like making my own decisions about my project. 


I loved what my project was about, and I enjoyed learning about helping children. 

I wrote about my experience on out project board, I truly enjoyed and will be volunteering.



SMART progress

Me and Ariana have the task of getting a TB test.


This is the definition from google

A tiny amount of fluid called tuberculin gets injected just below the skin in your forearm. It contains some inactive TB bacteria. You should feel a small prick from the needle.                sounds fun right?


Not the best, but its gonna be for a good reason, we want to attend the volunteer center on Friday, March 30.


                                                                                                                  We have already                   communicated with a volunteer at the Howell center, and can go on Friday.sand-3221296_1920

The New New

So from my last 6 weeks project, I still have some works to do.

                         I need to get my surveys back! 


Once I get my surveys I hope to find my audience and START WORKING.


My next big thing will be to plan a field trip and meet and start the session with my students.

SMART goal

A SMART goal…. what is that?

italy-1614931__340A SMART goal is an acronym

  • s=specific
  • m=measurable
  • a=attainable
  • r=relevant
  • t=timed

My SMART goal is~ To find the middle schools students that need help transitioning, by sending a survey to the middle schools and getting at least 15 results in the next two weeks.


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